AS 50 EWeedHex


Technical Data

working width50 cm
engine manufacturerAS-Motor
engine designationAS-Motor Electric
rated power3,2/- kW (hp)
rated speed2800 rpm
rated voltage50 V
maximum voltage56 V
brush: plait brushes / plate brush / 
brush rpm2800
direct brush drive / brush clutch / 
collecting bag
suitable for even pavements
suitable for curb stones
Handlebar adjustment: height
variomatic (variable speed)
max. speed3,8 km/h
dimension L/W/H192x61x99 cm
weight69 kg
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Mechanical battery-powered weed remover for surfaces and edges

Unfortunately, weeds are always in season: curbs, parking lots or sports fields have to be cleared of the unwelcome growth several times a year. There is a reason why the use of pesticides is strictly regulated, only permitted on certain areas and – beware – not actually necessary. A clever, environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical club is the purely mechanical removal of weeds with the weed remover AS 50 E-WeedHex.

Weed removal with professional AS-Motor Electric drive

The AS 50 E-WeedHex removes wild growth with its patented pendulum brush system where heavy equipment cannot be used. Thus, the weed remover cleans perfectly along curbs, walls, from joints and between stones. Just as effortlessly, it ensures cleanliness on parking lots and patios with grass or bone stones. It also cleans hard surfaces or ash pits reliably. Its working speed can be adjusted to suit the surface or ground conditions. Its catcher bag eliminates the need for tiresome sweeping.

Gentle on surfaces and efficient in performance

The AS 50 WeedHex operates gently and evenly thanks to centrifugally controlled brush contact pressure. With a working width of 50 cm, its maximum area output is around 1,000 square meters per hour. Its 25-liter catch bag safely collects removed weeds. Weed removal and collection are thus automatically implemented in one step. The AS 50 E-WeedHex achieves best results on level pavement, grass pavers and along edges and curbs. It is not suitable for cleaning mineral surfaces and uneven pavements. Its double stone guard (DPLF-certified) keeps flying stones or larger plant parts safely at bay, even during manoeuvers. It also ensures very quiet operation. The compact transport dimensions make the AS 50 E-WeedHex easy to transport.


Extend your application capabilities in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

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