Echo DPB 600 Handheld Blower

ECHO’s DPB-600 is a lightweight, battery powered handheld blower. It is ideal for anyone wanting a product that is  quiet, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.

From: £216.67 Exc VAT From: £184.17 Exc VAT


From: £216.67 Exc VAT From: £184.17 Exc VAT

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Battery Power

50.4v 4Ah


Cordless Battery powered Echo Handheld Blower/Vacuum, 50.4 V

The Echo DBP600 Handheld Blower is ideal for anyone wanting a product that is  safe and easy-to-use, with low noise, low vibration, low running costs and zero emissions.


The 50V system, making use of the latest Lithium-ion technology, gives high-density energy, compared to conventional heavier, much less effective battery technology. A specialist grade maintenance-free brushless electric motor makes certain long-term performance.

Long Battery Life

The Echo Handheld Blower comes with a 4Ah battery offering extended run-times. A rapid charger ensures the 4Ah battery is boosted to 80% capacity in just 48 minutes – meaning you experience less downtime and faster clearing time.

Easy to Operate

Additional features include a pipe with rotational control, preventing the gyroscopic effect of the blower nozzle. Not to mention a rubber over-mould grip gives a firm, comfortable grip, while cruise control makes the blower comfortable and easy to use.


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