Etesia Buffalo 124 HVHPX / HVHPX2

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Fitted with a 124-cm overlapping cutting deck and a 23-hp two-cylinder Vanguard engine, the Etesia H124P has a higher hourly mowing output of up to 15,000 sq m. per hour, and an unequalled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for use.

1) HVHPX –  2WD.

2) HVHPX2 – 4WD

From: £16,600.00 Exc VAT From: £14,940.00 Exc VAT


From: £16,600.00 Exc VAT From: £14,940.00 Exc VAT

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A more in-depth look at the Etesia Buffalo 124 HVHPX2

Cutting Width: 124cm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 280 x 128 x 174 cm
Weight: 808kgs
Engine HP: 25HP
Transmission: Hydrostatic

Motor Specification

Amount of Cylinders: 3
Horse Power: 25HP
Fuel: Unleaded fuel 95/98.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 19 litres

Wheel Transmission Specification

Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
Number of Wheel Drive: HVHPX – 2WD/ HVHPX2 – 4WD
Forward Speed (km/h): 16
Reverse Speed (km/h): 16
Turning Radius (m): 1
Working Angle (%): 30
PTO: Yes

Mower Specification

Output (theoretical): 19000 m²/h
Number of Blades: 2
Cutting Width: 124cm

Emptying System

Grass Box Capacity: 600 litres

Measurement and Weight Specification

Height: 174cm
Width: 128cm
Length: 280cm
Weight: 808kgs


Cutting Width (cm)




Grass Box Capacity (litres)



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